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Never before has the unluckiest event in poker been so rewarding! The DBBJ is a cumulative jackpot that grows with every hand dealt at specially marked Bad Beat Jackpot tables.
To qualify for the DucatiQQ jackpot, four of a kind Queens needs to lose using both hole cards with at least 4 players in the hand. The amount of the DBBJ that is paid out to the players on the table depends on the stakes being played at the table where the bad beat occurs.
Join the fast past action in DucatiQQ's Bad Beat Jackpot tables for your chance for the bad beat of a lifetime!


DBBJ requirements

  • - Both hole cards must be used both in winning and losing hands
  • - Four or more players must have been dealt into the hand (each player must receive the two starting cards)


A share of the Bad Beat Jackpot is awarded based on the small blind of the table being played.
Stake % of distribution concerning the total BBJ
  • Small blinds: IDR 1,000-IDR 2,000 - 10%
  • Small blinds: IDR 2,001-IDR 10,000 - 20%
  • Small blinds: IDR 10001-IDR 50,000 - 50%
  • Small blinds: IDR 50001+ - 100%
When the jackpot is won, 60% of its value goes to the players. The "bad beat" player (the one losing the hand) receives 50% of the allocated prize pool, the winner of the hand is entitled to 33,33% and the remaining 16,67% is divided among the other players participating in the hand. 15% of the jackpot is used to feed the following jackpot and 25% is retained by the house to cover overheads.
For any DBBJ winnings over IDR 500M, the winner will receive a payment each month of IDR 500M until total amount won is paid in full.
For any DBBJ winnings lower than IDR 500M the winner will receive a payment each month of 50M until total amount won is paid in full.


Stake Fee

  • IDR 1,000 - IDR 10,000 IDR 1,000
  • IDR 10,000-IDR 50,000 IDR 3000
  • IDR 50,000+ IDR 10,000
1. If there is no rake generated in the hand, no BBJ contribution should be taken from the pot
2. The jackpot contribution should be taken from hands where at least 4 players are participating